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Claudia Gold, best known as Claw Money, has profoundly impacted every avenue she has ever touched over her illustrious thirty-plus year career. Always on the cutting edge, Claw forged her mark in the male-dominated world of graffiti, when the medium was undergoing a seismic shift. With her trademark wit, intelligence, and take-no-prisoners tenacity, Claw Money has established herself as a rare gatekeeper at the complex intersection of the worlds of art, fashion, beauty, feminism and media.


Claudia has leveraged her unmistakable "Claw" insignia to collaborate with a plethora of brands across a multitude of categories. From Nike and Calvin Klein, to MTV, NASCAR, and My Little Pony, Claw's ability to resonate with consumers spanning all walks of life is indisputable. While Claw has countless collaborations to be proud of, the brand and eponymous fashion line she has built from the ground up over the past two decades is la piece de resistance. Claw Money , which will be celebrating its 20-year anniversary in 2022, has successfully merged the grittiness of streetwear with the couture of high fashion. The brand has been embraced by an array of celebrities, influencers and tastemakers, such as Rihanna, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. Though Claw has much to reflect on, her focus is on the future, as it has always been.


With the versatility of her art speaking volumes in the three-dimensional world, the ability for it to successfully transcend into the Metaverse is evident. Claw Money envisions her presence within Web 3.0 being as revolutionary as tagging her name all over New York City was in the early 1990s. Clawʼs murals have been commissioned worldwide, from New York to Tokyo; it is only fitting that her trademark Claw appear on walls in Decentraland and Sandbox as well. Claw has served as a digital artist for the last 25+ years, and has an enormous, largely untapped portfolio to match. From digital street art to NFTs, Clawʼs ability to continually create new works and also delve into the archives makes her an invaluable asset to the constantly evolving Metaverse.

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