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Silvertuna Studios is the brainchild and production arm of filmmaker and graffiti artist, Koz. Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Koz was constantly surrounded by art via his artist-parents who fully supported his artistic endeavors from the get-go. While it was comic books and the art of Michaelangelo that ignited his love for drawing, it was graffiti, the art witnessed on the street while on skating missions in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, that set the bar and trajectory for his creative life. As a teenager, Koz was deeply impressed and transfixed by the scrawls of CAP, JA, PACE SWK, FIB, JEST, EASY, QUIK just to name a few. Professionally, everything changed for the better when he began obsessively filming himself and his fellow skateboarders during the early era of VHS, HI8 and Mini DV recording Days.


In his late 20's Koz went to work for the production company Vidiots Inc. in Manhattan, Koz would meet his filmmaking mentor and now Co-Owner of Silveruna Studios, Jeff Fisher, a Twelve-time Emmy Award winner. Within four years, Koz worked for over 20 different networks on more than 40 tv shows. After Vidiots Koz left to work for CBS where he was an Avid Media composer engineer, and later a photographer. His photography was showcased throughout their New York City headquarters. After a few years at CBS Koz headed to NBC to work on Talk Stoop as a camera operator and set photographer, where he was nominated for an emmy for his camera work. After NBC Koz left to start SIlvertuna, his Queens based production company, he premiered two episodes of a six-part series about graffiti artists in NYC called "The Blackbook Diaries" at the Angelika Theater. Currently, Koz is still working on the remaining episodes of the series, curating shows and working closely with the likes of legendary graffiti artist EASY, Chris RWK, Al Diaz (SAMO) Skateboarders Bam Margera and Zered Bassett as well as film actress, Kathrine Narducci. His goal is to have one of his films premiere worldwide.


KOZ: Our Artists
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