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Brooklyn, New York – Saturday April 22nd from 6-9pm join us at the gallery at City Point Brooklyn for the personal appearance, limited edition release, and book signing by Brooklyn artists and authors Al Diaz the creator of SAMO and George Ibanez Crime79.


ABOUT THE BOOKS: NY CITY OF KINGS: A History of NYC Graffiti compiled by Al Diaz (BOMB1, SAMO©...) with Eric (DEAL CIA) Felisbret and Mariah Fox. Chronicling the history of graffiti’s genesis in New York from its late 1960s origin to the present, as seen through the lens of writers who started the movement. This narrative intends to help elucidate how the unprecedented movement of NYC graffiti culture spread internationally, and how graffiti has become so lodged and influential within our present popular culture. The book documents a monumental walk-through timeline covering the rich, complex history of New York graffiti history, including hundreds of famous and obscure images, lore, and facts from 1967 to the present. “A compact, attractive, and dense timeline colorfully presents a cogent, multifaceted historical record of the secretive yet public graffiti culture...”- Brooklyn Street Art


SAMO© SINCE 1978 by Al Diaz: Al Díaz and Jean-Michel Basquiat stoked public intrigue in 1978 as teenagers when they began tagging their SAMO©... writings throughout New York City. The statements spoke to people, spoke about people, and sometimes spoke of nothing at all. What began as a cynical, yet clever joke among friends--eventually became a creative cornerstone for both artists--and a hallmark of NYC art historical accounts. Everyone around town was asking, "Who is SAMO©?" Basquiat's path was well laid when the pair gave up their anonymity to the Village Voice in December 1978, in exchange for $100. The ball was rolling. Within two years Basquiat would be a famous painter, abruptly leaving behind Díaz and street writings for the blue-chip gallery circuit. Díaz became a regular player in the NYC music scene. SAMO©... was dead. Ten years after that, Basquiat was also dead. But today, Albert Díaz is very much alive. “A true pioneer of the street and a living legend, Al is still cranking out work today while his commentary remains as timely and poignant as ever.” - DAVE NAVARRO, musician


MY CREATIVE JOURNEY by George Ibanez: The book depicts the amazing journey told in pictures and stories of a Brooklyn boy that entered the secretive world of subway graffiti in the late 70’s. George Ibanez as Crime79- explores his journey dodging the tough streets of Brooklyn East New York and his climb as a pioneering subway painter to gallery artist and 40 years in the creative world. With many never before published photos, the artist explains stories and anecdotes of his evolution of painting New York City subways to the body of work on canvas that are held in art collections worldwide. George Ibanez as Crime79- unveils yet another piece of the missing puzzle of the somewhat fragmented story and history of this emerging Art Movement that grew from a bunch of kids living a Tom Sawyeresque life of creativity and adventure in the streets of New York City to helping create one of the greatest Art Movements of all times. He will also be offering an exclusive limited edition print release in tandem with the book signing titled Genesis.



Event Opening: Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 from 6-9pm

Gallery Hours: Monday - Wednesday by appointment, Thursday - Sunday 12-7pm


City Point Brooklyn, 445 Albee Square West, Brooklyn, NY 11201




Gallery Contacts: //

Phone: (646) 753-2712

Follow the artists: @albert_diaz1 @crime79art

Follow the curators: @collectwithlulu @silvertunastudios

Website: //

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