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Featuring: Zimad, EASY, Stephanie F Grajales, Al Diaz, Solus,

KOZ, Denial, Osk Oscar, JkeJke, City Kitty, Praxis, Magda Love, KIT 17, and Niteowl

Saturday July 15th - August 9th, 2023

Curated by Silvertuna Studios and Collect With Lulu

Brooklyn Art Haus – 24-1 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Opening Reception: Saturday July 15th from 4-7pm

Gallery Hours: Monday - Sunday 9am - 10pm

Private Viewings By Appointment via


Brooklyn Art Haus, a new home for innovative arts invites you to the opening reception Saturday, July 15th from 4-7pm at 24-1 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn. 

Living in New York we are exposed to excessive amounts of creativity and inspiration, but we always want more.  A unique group of artists known for contemporary, graffiti, pop, and street art find their peace and voices through art. Before summer has the chance to pass us by, we celebrate by bringing together local and international innovators to share their gifts with you for the NEVER ENOUGH exhibition.


Almost a year ago, Silvertuna Studios & Collect With Lulu curated together on their first art show at Brooklyn Art Haus prior to their epic opening last month! Koz and Lulu are thrilled to be back to turn more heads with our friends at their new arts space as we continue to connect the community and beyond. There may never be enough, but we promise to bring you only the best!



and Koz at

PHONE: (646)753-2712


FOLLOW US: @bk_arthaus @collectwithlulu @silvertunastudios




Collect With Lulu - Laura “Lulu” Reich is a curator, art dealer, collector, and former gallery owner with a focus on the personal aspect of art and collecting.  She has over 15 years of experience supporting creatives within the luxury market.  Her inspiration is sharing artist's stories and creating meaningful connections with art lovers.  She believes in the value of encouraging genuine conversations about art and life.  Lulu has spent her career within fashion, fine art galleries, auction houses, and their corporate offices in New York, Chicago, and Connecticut. Recently Lulu founded her own independent art dealing and curation company Collect With Lulu, LLC representing US and international contemporary, graffiti, and street artists. 

Silver Tuna Studios - Silvertuna Studios is the brainchild and production arm of filmmaker and graffiti artist, Koz. Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Koz was constantly surrounded by art via his artist-parents who fully supported his artistic endeavors from the get-go. Koz would meet his filmmaking mentor and now Co-Owner of Silvertuna Studios, Jeff Fisher, a Twelve-time Emmy Award winner at Vidiots Inc in NYC. Later, Koz would work for CBS and then NBC as a set photographer and camera operator. Koz left to start SIlvertuna, his Queens based production company, he premiered two episodes of a six-part series about graffiti artists in NYC called "The Blackbook Diaries" at the Angelika Theater. His goal is to have one of his films premiere worldwide.



BAH! (Brooklyn Art Haus) is a producing organization that premieres original and innovative multimedia art. Curated, developed, and commissioned work features diverse domestic and international artists for the community of Brooklyn. BAH! is a home with a fervor for arts and focus on culture. Our soon-to-be state-of-the-art theater and studios will house an exciting residency program for art, devised theater and dance, music and film.

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